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Temperature Phone!

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As an added feature you could get a small moblie weather station as part of your phone. Small sensors on or in the phone body would tell temperature, barametric pressure, and gives a forecast for the area of you are in (you can ask for day, days, weeks, etc.) that the phone gets off the web. I figure the technology is out there and it would be more accurate and faster then going through and waiting for the several steps it would take to get online and find the weather using your cell.
Space-Pope, Jan 26 2004


       Didn't the French do this? (And way more than just weather.)
DrCurry, Jan 26 2004

       I thought this was an innovative new use for the antenna
theircompetitor, Jan 26 2004

       in your ear, [theircompetitor], in your ear.....
normzone, Jan 26 2004

       Real bad luck to open that one inside.
Worldgineer, Jan 27 2004

       Nokia do a phone with a themometer in and hand-held weather stations are fairly cheap (c£200) so shouldn't be too hard to do.
oneoffdave, Jan 27 2004


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