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Remote Control Pager

A good idea for finding the misplaced remote control.
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Ok, here is the idea. I'm sue that most of you are familiar with the page buttons on the charging bases for cordless phones. The basic function is that when you misplace your cordless phone you press the "page" button, located on the charging base of the phone and after you press the button the phone will start to make a beep of some kind for you to hear so you can go by the noise of the beep to locate your phone. I think that all remote controls should have a page button , perhaps a small circular or square device with a button in the center and adhesive on the back that you could stick to the corner of your television or on your night stand. When you press the button on this device your remote control should start making a beeping noise so you can locate it when you have misplaced it.
Wooster, Jun 24 2005


       If I'm too lazy to get up to press the button, will I be able to activate it using the remote ?
normzone, Jun 24 2005


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