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Remote controlled remote

Never again will you have to get off the couch to find the remote
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Imagine this, you're lyeing on the couch, happily watching T.V. Commercials come on and you decide to go for a channel surf, but wait a minute, where is the remote? It's on top of the T.V. You're to comfortable to get off the couch to get it so what do you do, you use the remote control.

A remote control that is attached to your couch simply by a piece of string (or something else, just as long as it's attached to the couch) can control your T.V. remote. The T.V. remote has large soft wheels so that it can fall from high places and be unharmed. Now, all you have to do is drive over your remote to yourself and let the channel surfing begin.

amazing, Aug 17 2002

Remote http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Remote
'Remote Control for a Remote Control' - Same idea. [phoenix, Aug 19 2002]


       The TV remote would be better protected if we put it in some sort of large hamster ball.   

       But isn't this just another reomte control to lose? And why not simply attatch the TV remote to the couch?
NickTheGreat, Aug 17 2002

       Instead of having a remote mechanically attached to the television or whatever, why not simply go for remote control implants? You would have to choose what part of the body you want to face the television and how you want the keyboard concealed and how you want to activate the thing; your resolution of these questions will tell a lot about you. But it does away with strings or cords snaking across the room and getting tangled or broken.
wgmcg, Aug 17 2002

       I have a "Command Chair" like Jean-Luc does, with 8-way all-in-one remotes built into the arms, plus a swing-round infra-red keyboard with built-in trackball on an arm. I can control all the AV kit plus the PC and the lights from the chair. And there's a built-in speakerphone. It's neat. Took a while to build though.
8th of 7, Aug 17 2002

       All those who think 8th of 7 is showing off, say 'aye'
<aye> ;o)
NickTheGreat, Aug 17 2002

       If you have a voice controlled remote...is this baked? then you would not need a remote controlled remote.
senatorjam, Aug 17 2002

       8th, that is truly scary. I'd better not tell my dad about that or he'll want me to make him one.
madradish, Aug 21 2002

       <aye> "swing-round infra-red keyboard with built-in trackball on an arm"

Pass the Courvoisier.
iuvare, Aug 21 2002

       All those who think 8th of 7 needs to get laid, say 'aye'.
waugsqueke, Aug 21 2002

8th of 7, Aug 21 2002

       ...but if 8th of 7 gets laid...then that means the possibility is there for more little 8th of 7s running around.....is this what the world needs? I think not.
binkley, Aug 21 2002


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