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Rubik's cube dice

Each side serves as a cube number
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Instead of the white side, there is 1 with a single dot in the middle and the rest empty.

Yellow is 6 somehow showing that each is the yellow side without having a color on it.

Perhaps with a small pattern of 6 dots in each square but where the real dots go, you have it bigger and in bold?

See link for a draft...

pashute, Sep 24 2023

drawing https://docs.google...4c/edit?usp=sharing
[pashute, Sep 24 2023]


       I don’t understand this.
a1, Sep 24 2023

       It's simple: it's a rubik's cube that stays in a state of being permanently solved for the numbers 1 to 6 in the central positions no matter what you do to it.
xenzag, Sep 24 2023

       The centers of each face already do that. It’s almost zen, focus on the center and ignore what’s around it.
a1, Sep 24 2023

       I thought this was clearly described and an interesting idea. Then I looked at the drawing and now I don't understand it at all.
pocmloc, Sep 24 2023

       He's referring to the dot pattern on a typical dice. The idea is a rubics cube which will display that same dot pattern in any configuration. I don't think it's possible.
Voice, Sep 24 2023

       // somehow showing that each is the yellow side without having a color on it// implies the pattern changes as the configuration changes?
pocmloc, Sep 25 2023


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