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Simultaneous Go game

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Similar to the original go board game, but with modifications to make the game simultaneous per turn rather than turn based.

Possible options, on dealing with players selecting the same pieces at the same time.

1. Cancelled out, no pieces added. Problem is that it can lead to a loop where the players can always select the same location over and over again. (especially in computer vs computer).

2. Randomised win. Problem is game will be no longer deterministic.

3. Lowest points gets the spot. Problem is if its an accurate assessment of the player strength.

4. Largest contiguous area near cell wins. This is eqiv to largest army winning the location due to attrition. Problem is what to do if the is no nearby area?

5. New half half stone to indicate contested area, as soon as the next player reaches it later, it will turn into the corresponding stone. Problem is you have to keep trace of the 'half half' stone on next turn.

Option 4 sounds reasonable as long as another reasonable rule to deal with no nearby area is provided (e.g. shift the stone out each side and leave a no mans land in between for now).

mofosyne, Dec 28 2017

Simultaneous move go (not simultaneous go) https://www.reddit....ot_simultaneous_go/
Reddit discussion on the idea [mofosyne, Dec 28 2017]


       Maybe some bidding option could be introduced? I’ve never played go, so don’t know all of the intricacies...
RayfordSteele, Dec 28 2017

       You have ideas beginning with every letter of the alphabet except x. It is requested that this shortfall be rectified posthaste.
Voice, Dec 28 2017

       [Voice], if you download the latest patch [mofosyne]'s long list of ideas beginning with x will show. [Jutta] released that revision just last week.
normzone, Dec 29 2017


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