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Remotely operated esophageal valve

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Problem: People who've had surgery on their esophagus sometimes get a temporary stent inserted while it's healing, to keep it open enough so they can eat. Unfortunately, the stent doesn't close completely and may cause gastric reflux and other problems.

Solution: An esophageal stent containing a magnetically operated valve. When you're going to eat, you wear a magnetic necklace that makes the valve open. When you're done you take the necklace off and the valve closes.

I'm kinda surprised this sort of thing doesn't exist.

a1, Jan 24 2023

Almost baked? https://www.nejm.or....1056/NEJMoa1205544
[a1, Jan 24 2023]


       Maybe you can get a grant to build one. [+]
Voice, Jan 24 2023

       Related but not exactly the same thing - (link) - that kind of device wouldn't be used for post-op recovery, but may replace some of the surgeries that end up requiring a stent afterwards.
a1, Jan 24 2023


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