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Let a "babysitter" pay YOU
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For all those people out there who are entertaining the idea "To have children or not to have children?" This would be the perfect solution for those parents who have already acted upon that idea and now have absolutely no peace, no privacy, and no money. (Kids cost a lot). A parent would be able to bring their child/children to an agency, who, in turn carefully screens "parent wanna bees" and these future parents of America (or not, once they've rented YOURS) pay the agency to become instant parents for a pre-set period of time. They will be able to rent children of all different age groups so they will be able to get an advanced feeling of the "growing years". The agency will naturally keep their percentage of this fee, but hey, you will have a great opportunity to have your children carefully looked after by people who genuinely believe they want to be parents, you will have some time for yourselves AND you will be paid for the honor of your child's presence - in someone elses home.
capucino, Nov 28 2000


       Good luck finding customers for either side of this bargain.   

       It reminds me a little of the realistic baby dolls that agencies use to (presumably) scare teenage moms-to-be into using contraceptives with. They come in normal, crack, and alcoholic, with different levels of pointless screaming and needs to be fed and comforted.
jutta, Nov 28 2000

       funny how to people without kids the only difference between having them and not having them is their existence in the room. luckily it's more than that..
raisin, Dec 01 2000

       i dig it. :: some things, like going to the circus or parade, say, would be more fun with a kid. even if you know you never want kids of your own. or if you always wanted the same *age* kid. just keep turning 'em in like library books. :: can i rent a puppy, too?
k10, Dec 01 2000

       I'm a childless aunt whose nieces and nephews all live far away, so I've been looking, without success, for a virtual child (in San Francisco). I'll probably sign up with a Big Sisters organization. I posted to craiglist offering to be a free aunt but got no responses. :-(
ellens, Nov 04 2005

       I read a while ago something about a grandchildless "grandfather" who posted something similar to your offer on craigslist. If I recall correctly a family did take him on as a grandfather.
bristolz, Nov 04 2005

       As cliche' oriented as this may sound, WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? I mean it would be fun for any parent to unload their kid for a few days while another adult picks them up as their temporary child but how would the child feel about this? How do you tell your kid, "Hey Joey, I am abandoning you but Mr. Smith is going to be your new daddy!" without traumatizing him?   

       Also, I am not sure that this is really a fair comparison because children are usually on their best behavior when they are in unfamiliar surroundings amongst strangers.
Jscotty, Nov 04 2005

       This sounds too much like our foster care system to me. :-(
Zuzu, Nov 04 2005

       //I read a while ago something about a grandchildless grandfather who posted something similar to your offer on craigslist. If I recall correctly a family did take him on as a grandfather.//   

       Yep, the bloke was Italian. He got hundreds of replies, and he picked a family that lived near him. The last I heard of him was that he took off with a considerable chunk of the family's money. Trying to find a link.
froglet, Nov 04 2005

       Make indentured servants of your own kids ? Does your country have child labor laws ?
popbottle, Jul 14 2016


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