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Rent a pup

Own a dog for a day!
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Ever been strolling through the park, enviously watching dog owners play with their pets? Now you can own a dog for a day?

For a rental fee, after signing a waiver and passing a background check, you can have a large/ small, cute/ugly, longhair/short haired pup delivered to your door.

Perfect for meeting ladies... Great for keeping you company on lonely days/nights. Or, see if your children really are responsible enough to own one.

computerface2, Dec 11 2000

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       give them shots to stunt their growth?   

       ...donning bullet-proof vest...
mihali, Apr 05 2001

       Seriously good idea here, cf2. My boyfriend's daughter desperately wants a dog, and her poor mom is running out of reasons why they can't just go out and get one. (Her latest response, when asked to buy a certain breed of dog: "They're tricky.")   

       Your solution would make everybody happy ... especially the animal shelters, which regularly deal with the results of impulsive pet purchases.
1percent, Apr 05 2001


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