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service that rents pets to customers for a variety of time periods
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This company would train pets to be docile and sweet. People could come and try owning an animal on a limited basis. Basically, I see two applications. The first, and less used, would be for people considering getting a pet to do a "test-run" to see how they like it. The more common use would be a daily or hourly rental used to walk a pet through a park as a guise to meeting members of the opposite sex. Caveat: not to be used in conjunction with sheep prostitution.
ofersh, Jul 31 2000

Companion Dispenser http://www.halfbake...mpanion_20dispenser
[eagle, Jul 31 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Goin' Dot Com - the musical (SF, Summer 2005) http://www.goindotcom.com/plot.htm
The plot of this musical chronicles the rise and fall of a fictitious puppy rental startup. [jutta, Jan 18 2006]


       Follow the Companion Dispenser link to a large rant-filled set of annotations to a similar idea. Most of the "You bastard!" rants were mine.   

       I've since become much more civilized.   

       Just one new exagerated emotion filled rant:   

       <rant>As a band (whose name I can't remember) once wrote: "We'll make great pets!"   

       Imagine human beings encountering an advanced alien civilization that gathers up us humans, domesticates us, and them makes us into pets. After a while we'd become quite happy. They'd meet our basic needs: finding a mate, preparing a steak, giving us a decent toilet, etc. Not a bad deal, really -- considering how stupid we are compared to our new masters. Slaves? Yes -- but well cared for ones. We're kinda like retarded children who need taking care of.   

       But then our new masters hire us out to make a quick buck. No longer do we get taken care of by masters who love us -- but by strangers who feed us only because their contract says they have to. No love, no long-term parent/child type relationship.   

       Poor little human puppy!</rant>   

       Thank you.
eagle, Aug 01 2000

       Sounds a bit like my good old RENT-A-CAT idea. Ideal for people who have mice in their (old) house. Without a cat is nearly impossible to get rid of them. But where to rent a cat that is trained to catch mice?   

rrr, Aug 01 2000

       The band is Perry Farrell's misguided Pornos for Pyros.
ofersh, Aug 01 2000

       Fully baked. They already have dog rental in Japan. It must be true, I saw it on TV.
brouhaha, Aug 02 2000

       Japan has had this for years.
djang363, Feb 01 2003

benfrost, Jan 19 2006


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