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Resizing The Endoplasmic Reticulum To Create New Drugs

The endoplasmic reticulum is the protein factory Doubling its size changes the output of proteins
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Many readers will remember That DNA makes the RNA That Ribosomes use as code to make Protein The quantity plus transport of these proteins could be said to happen at the Protein factory The endoplasmic reticulum which is the lotsalayered membrane where the ribosomes are at

Now rather simplistically if you have a double size radiator you can keep cooler Or if you have twice as big a factory you may make more products

Changing the size of the endoplasmic reticulum changes the number of ribosomes available to make protein

Thus creating organisms with different volumes of endoplasmic reticulum is a way to find the effect of giving cytes greater protein production capacity

I think the number of ribosomes available to make things provides blunt responsiveness to change Like with neurotransmitter receptors such as G coupled protein receptors some of these saturate then renew at a hundred hour period also long memory is associated with protein production which means ribosomes

Thus organisms with bigger endoplasmic reticulums are able to make more kinds of protein more rapidly which benefits the bodys rapid adaption systems

If a scientist then went on to make some lab mammals with different size endoplasmic reticulum at variously neurons, endothelial cytes, cardiocytes to see if those particular systems do better at thinking, being absent vascular aging or heart disease that would be the direct application of a new longevity theory

also littler endoplasmic reticulum Notably littler smooth endoplasmic reticulum that makes lipid structures could cause adipocytes to prefer to shrink thus curing overweight which then minimizes illness

The same kind of modulation could also shrink oncocytes Another cure for cancer

I do not know the genes that effect endoplasmic reticulum size although wikigene notes that CYP2E1 changes the amount of endoplasmic reticulum There is a recent paper on how endoplasmic reticulum stress affects hormesis plus longevity

New aging theory Changing the size of the protein factory Changes the adaptiveness of the organism Changing the size of the protein factory at specific critical tissues like neurons as well as cardiovascular tissues brings benefit

Now there are readers that will say Perhaps CR goes with less protein with autophagy conserving protein that goes with remodelling based longevity Those readers will be keen on finding out if less or differently active endoplasmic reticulum promotes longevity

rather strangely this appears to be new Most research is on varying the amount of genetic activity rather than the actual size of the product factory

Technologies that change the size of the endoplasmic reticulum

siRNA to cyp2e1 or possibly the thrilling idea that you could use yeast (eukaryotic have endoplasmic reticulum) plus siRNA to endoplasmic reticulum Then screen on which yeast live through the process to find other genes that affect the size of endoplasmic reticulum with the idea of finding new drug molecules

beanangel, Jul 20 2010

The video version featuring women The lesbians of adultfriendfinder.com http://www.youtube....watch?v=o4lNjaYk0P8
[beanangel, Jul 20 2010, last modified Jul 21 2010]


       I thought this was a suggestion for drug making GM bacteria. Then I read more and it seems you think the human body makes drugs?
Voice, Jul 20 2010

       making more proteins willy nilly is a good way to die fast.
Voice, Jul 20 2010

       how does "make more proteins of every kind" translate into " make better neurons" ?
Voice, Jul 20 2010

       Please mark your video NSFW.
Voice, Jul 20 2010

       Mutations leading to changes in the ER are serious and can kill people. The ER does more than just house ribosomes, like every other organelle it's a multitasker and its characteristics speak of a finer balance that probably can't be tweaked very much. But, who knows, right?
daseva, Jul 20 2010

       Hmmm. Interesting idea but, as pointed out, a bit of a blunt tool. Just making the ER bigger (if doable) is a bit like saying "let's see what happens if we just double the size of this mouse's skeleton". The simple extrapolation from "more of all proteins" to "must be better" is unlikely to be valid. (If it were, evolution would probably have done this, it being so simple an' all.)   

       In the same way, it's easy to think up numerous other things along similar lines, such as:   

       cells with more mitochondria have more energy available for maintenance and so live longer   


       cells with fewer mitochondria produce fewer free radicals and so live longer   


       cells with an extra set of chromosomes will make more proteins and so live longer   


       cells with a haploid set of chromosomes will suffer fewer random mutations and so live longer   


       setting the body's thermostat higher will help fight off viruses and so live longer   


       setting the body's thermostat lower will reduce metabolic stress and so live longer   

       Beany, you may be onto something here - the Random Research Generator!   

       All interesting experiments, but not as interesting as the clever ones. [ ], pending deeper thought.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       (Yours, that is.)
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       Ha, you probably just nailed his next six posts. C'mon leave something for leftovers.
daseva, Jul 20 2010

       In the 1950's, [beanangel] would have cleaned up writing scripts for B-movies.
8th of 7, Jul 20 2010

       //leave something for leftovers.//   

       I did.   

       Overexpression of calcium binding proteins in bone cytes allows them to take up more calcium and so maintains bone density and increases longevity.   

       Underexpression of calcium binding proteins in bone cytes causes them to retain less calcium, leaving more to be deposited as calcium phosphate in bone, and so maintains bone density and increases longevity.   

       I've got a million.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       There are already cell types which posses massive endoplasmic reticulem networks. One that comes to mind is the pancreatic acinar cell of the exocrine pancreas. This produces all the enzymes necessary for digestion. So much so that the entire cell is packed super densly with ER. However this has it's own problems, the cell is permanently in mild ER stress, as the ER is a major intracellular Ca2+ store, it is fully capable of ruining it's own mitochondria should it be overstimulated. Basically what I'm saying is that nature has this baked, but it's got it's own problems.
bs0u0155, Jul 21 2010

       I appreciate the way this place puts up with the word sensitivity edits   

       This particular version where I actually delete an anno supporting the idea is rather much   

       [Voice] wrote words similar to I' ll bun it as a ( ) new field of study. — Voice, Jul 20 2010
beanangel, Jul 21 2010

       [mb] You are onto a functional approach here   

       longer legs make marathon runners, twice the brain size affects mammal learning ability, animals like cows that have two (or more) stomachs gain new ways of processing food, Mammals with twice as much hemoglobin live at high altitudes or swim deep at the oceans   

       There was just a prior absence of published work on double the size of the protein factory   

       as regards to nature would have thought of it It has with plants; multiploidy or polyploidy doubles (or more) the chromosomes which permits greater production of all kinds of things plus has a Mathematically distinct variation on bioinformatics creating shared generational effect along with dominant or recessive   

       I described specific technology to change endoplasmic reticulum size plus an approach to finding new drugs with mutating yeast to find genes plus chemicals that affect endoplasmic reticulum size   

       also yeast as well as tissue culture could possibly tremendously benefit from multiplying the mass of endoplasmic reticulum Genentechs new yeast protein system now produces 2 4 8 16 or 32 times as much of the protein with New Reticulon technology   

       There is a move to tissue culture meat replacement Its possible amping up the endoplasmic reticulum could make this 2 4 8 16 or 32 times as rapidly productive
beanangel, Jul 21 2010

       This is interesting in that I have never thought about lack of ER as a rate limiting step for protein synthesis. Yeast could certainly be used to figure out how to upregulate ER: does upregulating ER result in more protein made? It is possible.   

       On the other hand just as a Lamborghini might be capable of moving faster than my Impala station wagon, if there were other factors besides capacity governing speed (for example, posted speed limits) that excess capacity would not lead to increased speed if the driver were paying attention to the instructions.   

       I think this sort of mod might be most useful for those expensive large transgenic animals that make milk "farmacetuticals".
bungston, Jul 21 2010

       //I appreciate the way this place puts up with the word sensitivity edits //   

       Yes, but do you appreciate the way that this place puts up with a childish affectation that calls itself "word sensitivity"?   

       What's the word that you're "sensitive" to today?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2010

       ( )
shudderprose, Jul 21 2010

       javascript void (0), eh [Shudder] ?
8th of 7, Jul 21 2010

       anyway I think the productive criticism of me might be "you could annotate more things"
beanangel, Jul 21 2010

       nah, that's ok, really.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 21 2010

       //javascript void (0)// I got in late last night and must have thought I was answering [MB]'s question on the "sensitive" word. I'm still curious about this though - can someone explain word sensitivity (in this context) to me please? My beanangel probably isn't as good as it should be.
shudderprose, Jul 22 2010

       beanangel, although your video succeeded in making me happylong, an improvement you could make is using graphics that are relevant to your topic. In this case perhaps diagrams of organelles or amino acids.
rcarty, Jul 23 2010

       Bun here for no other reason than this idea reminds me of the plethora of papers my stepdaughter wrote getting her under-grad degree in bioinformatics that I reviewed for spelling and punctuation and sentence structure and I realize this may be off topic a bit but I want [beanangel] to write my eulogy when I croak and maybe James Earl Jones to read it [+] (and I wouldn't mind one of those videos to remember me by either)
Grogster, Jul 23 2010

       Chirality begins apoptosome.
reensure, Jul 23 2010

mouseposture, Jul 23 2010

       If you like this idea then just as resizing endoplasmic reticulum causes effects changing the quantity of messengerRNA transport proteins also effects the rate of genetic function downregulating these transport proteins might be oncostatic yet another cure for cancer   

       Yahoo answers (misoma5) on "what are hnRNP" says mRNA is never found either in the nucleoplasm or the cytoplasm unless it is complexed with proteins. This RNA-protein complex is called hnRNP which is an abreviation for heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein
beanangel, Jul 30 2010

       I think this is a good approach to generate new cell lines for recombinant therapeutic protein production. So many of these proteins are already produced in Chinese Hampster Ovary cells, which harbour relatively large ERs. Since therapeutic proteins are a multi-billion dollar market, I would also imagine that a few researchers have tried to increase the size of the ER in other (human) cell types to make them more suitable for that task.   

       On the other hand, modulating ER size in a patient for the purposes of longetivity probably has other negative health effects.
Cuit_au_Four, Aug 03 2010


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