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For those sick, sick people.
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Spying my daughter with a cough, and realized that she was in the habit of coughing into her arm or elbow. She told me that her teacher suggested it, and it stuck. At home, she continued to do so, but being sleeveless, it was simply ejected everywhere. This problem is not a school problem, but a workplace problem as well: someone is sick, but not sick enough to warrant being sent home.


A wearable, disposable, anti-bacterial/viral, fluffy sleeve. It's basically a wearable, durable, tissue.

The problem with tissues is that you touch them with your hand, sneeze into them, and then touch other things. This thing is just slipped onto your elbow/arm, and coughed and sneezed into.

When people wear masks, it's designed to keep things out, and not primarily designed to keep coughs and sneezes in. Instead of giving people around sick people face masks, give he sick person a way to contain all coughs and sneezes without getting their hands dirty.

An elastic band will allow for one size fits most.

twitch, Dec 24 2012


       I'm in for a penny. [+]
Alterother, Dec 24 2012

       Can I get mine with a darling tattoo motif? [+]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 26 2012

       Could you not adapt some inexpensive tube socks (like the 12 pair for a dollar I once spotted at Liquidation World)? All you need to do is cut the toe end open and slip them over the arm. No need for elastic bands, they're washable & reusable, and when you need an emergency pair of socks you can simply stitch the toe end closed again!
Canuck, Dec 26 2012

       Good DIY edition, Canuck. Although, thinking about these kinds of products, it is not likely that these would be purchased by those who will actually be using them. Just think about it, would you more readily don a face mask at work if you brought it? or if someone gave it to you and told you to wear it. For contagious diseases, a disposable solution is preferable.
twitch, Dec 27 2012

       I was planning to post something pretty similar to this just in the last couple of days, so I guess I don't need to now that I've found this one.   

       For years now, I reflexively sneeze/cough into my sleeve (upper arm because I usually wear T-shirts), and I don't think I could now sneeze openly if I tried. I've gotten so good at it that I can sneeze into my sleeve while holding a glass of water in the same-side hand without spilling any.   

       Anyway, I was thinking it would be nice to have an "oversleeve" made of antimicrobial fabric, so that my sleeve wouldn't hold onto any sneezed-/coughed-out germs that could rub off the sleeve onto my face the next time I do so (or onto my opposite hand when I massage my upper arm).   

       I would like it to be in a contrasting color (maybe even with loud stripes), and some kind of crossed-out germ icon on the front, so everyone knows what it's for, and is reminded to sneeze and cough safely every time they see it.
notexactly, Mar 15 2020


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