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Resource Lottery

Arbitrary and equitable
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Many political problems stem from inequality, or unequal power relationships.

Economics as a discipline both theoretical and applied is concerned with the allocation of resources, who gets what basically, and devising ever more arcane mechanisms for transferring resources from one person to another.

Suggested idea is to radically and totally reset the underlying "all humans are equal" equality of opportunity problem, without all the problems that come from trying to redesign the current economic and political and logistical systems that underlay world civilisation.

Basically every individual human is given a unique reference number. This could be generated through national codes and then passport number, or tax reference number, or something. Doesn't matter how. As long as each human has a unique reference number assigned to them. Anyone who objects can opt out. The number would be used only for this scheme.

At a certain reccuring interval (suggest 5 years) all of the land surface of the earth is mapped and divided into the same number of equal-area pieces as there are humans registered in the system. Each human is granted exclusive rights in that piece of land for the duration of the 5-year term.

Anyone who is using or occupying or wishes to acquire or to continue enjoying certain rights in a certain piece of land would simply contact the owner (through the system) and would negotiate a fee to be paid.

At the end of the 5 year term everyone's rights expire and a new random allocation happens.

pocmloc, Jun 06 2020


       as they say with the lottery, you have to be in it to win it...
theircompetitor, Jun 06 2020

       Population 7.8 E+09
Land area 5.10E+08 Km 3
= 6.5 hectares per person
pocmloc, Jun 06 2020

       //already controlled/owned//

       You seem to be conflating land and capital (very Marxist thing to do).
pocmloc, Jun 06 2020

       So I was talking with Bob and between the two of us we decided you owe us 20% of the value of your bank account. It's time to pay up.
Voice, Jun 06 2020

       Really, unless we can get off this rock, the land owns us. No matter how we mentally carve it up. Luckily, the land only has a weak maintenance program.
wjt, Jun 06 2020


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