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Politics chess

A board game of chess with modifications to fit real world politics
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The pieces get actual identity, and can change sides. Each piece or group of pieces is played by a single player. You have to play by the rules until you don't. But then you have to suffer the consequences.

There's still only two colors, but you never know what was agreed on behind the scenes.

pashute, Jun 21 2022

Like this? Anarchist_20Chess
[21 Quest, Jun 23 2022]


       Needs a little more time in the oven [-]
Voice, Jun 21 2022

       You would also need "non-playing" players, shilling out coin (sorry, "making donations"...) for the result THEY want.
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 21 2022

       Have we done paying chess?
pocmloc, Jun 21 2022

       Yeah, one player should be able to convince a large group of pawns to advance against their own interest.
normzone, Jun 21 2022

       Only one?
pertinax, Jun 21 2022

       You could move your queen three squares and put the opposing king into check, but it will cost you £50 per square. Your opponent might respond by blocking, or might take your knight (will cost you £200) or one of your pawns (will cost you £100). Or you could play safe and move a pawn, just to save money and buy time...
pocmloc, Jun 22 2022

       If too many pawns die too quickly there's possibility of a revolution occuring.
RayfordSteele, Jun 22 2022

       Ooh, that's a nice twist. 2 factions become 3; pawns dethrone their own rulers (say, king, queen, bishops?), get "promoted" (1 designated "king"), all the while the other side is trying to attack everyone!
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 22 2022

       So both black and white pawns would unite to overthrow the tyranny of the noble pieces? Execute the kings and queens (finishing the "game" but that is ignored) and forcibly demote the other pieces to also be pawns. But there would be a split every other turn, and purges. In the end there would be King Prawns and Tiger Prawns who get the most mayo, while the other prawns would land on hotels in Old Kent Road, which cost more than their salary from passing "go"
pocmloc, Jun 22 2022

       About 40 years ago there was a strip cartoon in which a small, bossy girl was "teaching" chess to her hapless friend; "These are prawns and brooks and things over here ..." {sweeps pieces off the board} "... and I've won!"
pertinax, Jun 22 2022

       What does it cost the other player when your pawn, or pawns, make it to the back row?   


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