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Presidential Debate, Vice-Presidential Smackdown

Or Brawl, Tussle, Fisticuff-Fest...
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It has recently been pointed out that the Vice President of the USA has little in the way of actual power or function. That is not true, however, during election campaigns, during which preidential candidates must choose running mates who they think will endear them to the public. Thus, choosing a running mate is a crucial decision for every candidate.

Currently, presidential debates are held between the two main candidates during the lead-up to the election. A vice- presidential debate is also held between the running mates. I suggest that, as the running mate's views ultimately don't matter, this debate be replaced with a televised, no-holds-barred physical smackdown in which the running mates duke it out in order to win the support of the viewing populace. Whoever taps out of this fight tarnishes their campagning partner's reputation, hurting their chances to win on Election Day.

The result of this would be that instead of choosing fellow politicians, competitive presidential candidates will choose the largest, most physically intimidating people in America to be their running mates. A whole new set of criteria - strength, authenticity of scars, judo mastery - will replace the old. Eventually, it won't be unusual to see campaign ads for "Huckabee-Chuck Norris 2012" or "Clinton-Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson 2014." And that will be a great day for America.

DrWorm, May 15 2011


       Something like this has been tried before, between a Vice President and a former Secretary of the Treasury. But it wasn't televised.   

       I'm wondering how compatible this would be with the electoral tactic of choosing a woman as a running mate. Would Sarah Palin*, for example, be allowed a firearm?   

       *or Geraldine Ferraro
mouseposture, May 15 2011

       I would imagine mud wrestling to be more apropos --- the sheer popularity of seeing this event live would have both rival election committees scrambling for a larger venue, such as a stadium... <here's GROG fantasizing about a front row seat again> Please remind me to bring my Bic lighter... [+]
Grogster, May 15 2011

       I once had an idea for the leader's of other countries to duke it out with in a pillow fight. I like your idea better where visible bruises would be the deciding factor.
blissmiss, May 15 2011

       I'd like to see a Palin / Cheney duel. That would have to be a win-win for America regardless of the outcome.
RayfordSteele, May 15 2011

       You're right, there's not enough idiocy involved in the US electoral system yet.
infidel, May 15 2011

       Vice presidents will be selected on the basis of ability at showmanship and intimidation. This will put non-politicians in the white house and if there's any presidential stuff at least they'll be able to make good speeches and stare down diplomats. Furthermore the president gets a highly qualified non military bodyguard. (+)
Voice, May 15 2011


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