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Retinal Lantern

A pseudopalindrome, too!
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A service that scans the pattern of blood vessels on the back of your retinas, and ships you two reddish custom-patterned lampshades made from silk and paper. Allow a week for manufacturing.
jutta, Mar 17 2007

Inspiration http://www.flickr.c...nalogian/422775142/
[jutta, Mar 17 2007]

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       Yeah, I did that just recently for the first time. Man, that was weird. The blur was kind of fun, but the light sensitivity on that sunny day made it really disorienting - not only can you not read things, you can't even stand to look at them! "Aaah! It burns! It burns!!"   

       A lot of people around me are getting their eyes checked out for the first time. I half expect people to find some terrible malfunction in the LCD screens we're all using that ends up causing premature macular degeneration...
jutta, Mar 17 2007

       Wonderful.... I have many lamp ideas, including several with a medical/x-ray/ anatomical theme, but hadn't thought of this one. Have it fitted with contact lenses to focus the light for reading. +
xenzag, Mar 17 2007

       Nice - this idea reminds me: Habitat (chain of home furnishing shops in the UK) is currently selling a spherical paper lampshade printed to resemble the moon's surface.
hippo, Mar 17 2007


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