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Never miss a movie minute

Flatscreens inside cinema lavatory cubicles
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Miss the movie only for the time it takes to run to the conveniences and back. While sat in the smallest room, simply press the screen two button to continue watching the picture you've paid for.

You can only watch for a couple of minutes, to prevent people hogging these key facilities, and also perhaps to discourage onanism during the feature, where appropriate (HSM2, Bug's life, etc).

Not sure how the system would recognise someone who just keeps standing up and sitting down again in an attempt to stay there for longer than is permitted. Perhaps something like iris recognition, but rather the other way up.

theNakedApiarist, Sep 09 2008


       You could have the cubicles at the back of the theatre itself, thereby reducing the time spent getting there and preventing freeloading, since you'd already have paid before you had access to the bogs. People would usually prefer to watch in the theatre to in cubicles unless they were masturbating.
nineteenthly, Sep 09 2008

       The last time a went to a stadium, they had flat screens at all the food stands and in the bathrooms.   

       I would venture to guess that theaters don't have these because, for one, you don't need a ticket to go to the bathroom, and two, they don't have as much money as stadiums.
Spacecoyote, Nov 22 2008

       The theaters near me have the loos off the hall-way in the paid section past security. Since all the movies cost the same they really don't care which theater you go into. [+]
superjohn, Nov 22 2008

       What about restrooms right behind the theatre with one way mirrors? The person in the bathroom can view the theatre, but not the other way round.
kamathln, Nov 22 2008

       What's the big deal, just pee in the popcorn.
theGem, Nov 22 2008


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