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Reverse smartphone typing corrector

wat is up with the slow characters in the summary box?
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When typing into a smartphone, hitting the wrong character is common. The smartphone guesses what you are trying to type and offers a guest guess correction. For example I typed "frest" and it knew I meant "great". Frest!

Frest means great. The phone knows it does. I suspect the phone has a list of meaningless words that it thinks could be other words. Each of those words is a disguise for the real word!

In my continued recent interest in obfuscation, provide a list of all of those phone-sanctioned substitute words. Then liberally use them in place of the real word. Or have a macro substitute them. The phone can switch them back. This will enlarge the language by an order of magnitude. Some of the offspring of a given word will evolve off to have their own meaning (as I think was the real story of PWNED). Some will just be the original in holiday drag. Some will be used by those in the know to irritate those in the not know.

bungston, May 31 2014

Criss cross Spell Check Criss-cross_20spell-check
Not the inspiration but the source of Zeuxis quote in annos [bungston, May 31 2014]


       /Before you know it - you've got a geometric semantic map of the whole of language that could be used for spell-correction, search-engine optimisation and translation - I rather suspect that there are various implementations of such a geometric semantic space floating out there looking at the interwarbs as we speak. — Zeuxis, Aug 27 2013 /   

       Also artificial hipsters.
bungston, May 31 2014

MaxwellBuchanan, May 31 2014

       // I suspect the phone has a list of meaningless words that it thinks could be other words //   

       Nope. The spell checker runs edit distance algorithms against a dictionary of real words. After all, any list exhaustive enough to contain "words" like "frest" would be prohibitively large.
Spacecoyote, Jun 02 2014


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