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Seated one day at the keyboard ...
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I fell asleep and dreamed, not of a better spell-checker because I don't need one, but of a typo-corrector, which I need very much.

[I'll soon be keyboarding with my nose if my eyes worsen much more.]

My TypoTrapper will follow me at a respectful distance tirelessly fixing my finger-fudges by using context as does a speech-recognition program.

I will take a break, or sleep, but TypoTrapper will continue working.

He will work repeatedly through my script all night long if necessary until it is clean.

In fact, possessing as he does, AI, he will soon be at my elbow when I stop to think, completing ny words, and then my sentences for me.

Give him a little time and he'll be generating halfbaked ideas for me with his evolving "bots" environment.

And then I woke up, having generated 200 blank pages.

rayfo, Jun 25 2001


       My wife limits her care to turning on my electric blanket and although she was a champion steno it's I who's always taken the dictation : Do this, do that etc.
rayfo, Jun 26 2001

       MS Word has a feature which can correct common typos ('teh' for 'the', etc).
angel, Jun 26 2001

       The problem with this idea is that it can often get your context wrong if you are writing about something outside the exposure of the correcting program. For example if I was writing for Traveller (a classic SF role-playing game) the system might be confused if I write about "attempting to blow the jump drives" (causing the hyperspace systems to explode).   

       Another is that it could revise your text in unexpected ways while you are sleeping - maybe involuntarily making your written work more left or right wing.
Aristotle, Jun 26 2001

       All valid points of course. My game is being mock-serious on the Halfbakery itself. I daren't play any other for fear of multi-addiction.
rayfo, Jun 26 2001

       You can set the autocorrect in Word to correct words that you misspell often. Or even shortcuts, such as typing bk could put out "baked" on the screen. What's really funny is to do this to a co-workers computer. They get real frustrated when they type 'the' and 'teh' keeps showing up.
MuddDog, Jun 26 2001


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