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Secure Form Endpoint Service (SFES) (Web framework in the cloud)

Modern developer experience of a web framework in the cloud
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We need a scalable HTTP service with the developer experience (DX) of modern startups such as Fly, Vercel and Heroku.

The internet is a dangerous place with bots, spam, automated scans and vulnerability probe attempts.

You get spammers and bots trying to insert content into your website.

The secure web form endpoint is a HTTP endpoint that scales up endlessly that is protected by experts of the cloud and does:

captchas, filtering out bot traffic, CSRF protection

TLS termination

edge hosting

endless scalability

You can write sites with user generated content but not worry about scaling or security because someone else is protecting your endpoint.

This could be a command line tool that configures a web server in the cloud with different endpoints and controllers. It's like a web framework in the cloud.

chronological, Jan 01 2024




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