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Risk: Tectonic Edition

Shifting Defense
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Like Risk, but this starts out ~200 million years ago, and advances by 10 million years each turn. Each advancement, the continents shift on schedule. Once edges of any two (proto) countries touch, a bridge is formed to allow travel. Likewise, those that drift apart lose their connections. After 20 turns, the traditional sea and air links appear and tectonics seize to allow a final endgame.

Advanced play: At 60 million years (ago), all armies next to the water are reduced to 1.

The continents will largely start out highly connected so play should be similar to asia, and there will be less turtles in australia.

mylodon, Oct 05 2022


       [+] As Risk (current version) games seem to drag out for millions of years, this scenario is realistic.
a1, Oct 05 2022


       Pangea Risk. War as the continents break apart.   

       This logarithmic or exponential view of long term history really pees me off. If you're going to discuss the history of the last 100 years then the last 10 years should take approximately 10% of the space and time. Similarly with this proposal, if the game play advances by 10 million years per round, then there are no traditional sea and air links, and tectonics don't seize. The game finishes and everyone gets up to go for a pee or put the kettle on without bothering to work out who won because they can't be bothered any more.
pocmloc, Oct 05 2022

       Cheer up, [pocmloc]; it's your move.
pertinax, Oct 05 2022

       This is at worst, piecewise linear. The trouble with continuing is that nobody knows where these continents are headed. Especially with the poles flipping. They could go anywhere. So it is easiest if they just cease.
mylodon, Oct 05 2022


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