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Riverdance bouncy seat

Because everyone hates jungle music.
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I was watching my son bouncing extremely happily in his jungle-themed bouncing chair / ring thing which plays an annoying in-the-jungle style pseudo island music claptrap and thought, wouldn't it be fantastic if the music or sound was actually somehow relevant to the action.

And the idea came- The Riverdance themed bouncy chair. Instantly evoke the spirit of the eccentric hands-by-side celtic dance and bring a laugh to the face of all onlookers.

runonthespot, Apr 20 2010

Rainforest™ Jumperoo™ http://www.fisher-p...t&pid=38839&st=2002
Source of the hated jungle music? [swimswim, Apr 20 2010]


       Does this seat seem a little Flatley to you?   

       this is a fun, cute idea. have a bun.
-wess, Apr 21 2010

       Would it come with a bib that has a picture of an open shirt and bronzed chest?
marklar, Apr 22 2010

Mustardface, Apr 23 2010

       Indeed, Rainforest Jumperoo it is, although my lad loves it.
runonthespot, Apr 23 2010

       no vote because I like jungle music, but cute idea...
xandram, Apr 23 2010

       My daughter loved this jumperoo. She jumped in it so much that one of the springs finally broke. She looked at me immediately after it broke, and despite being only about 7 months old, had a distinct "oh sh**!" look on her face. She knew the fun had come to an end.
swimswim, Apr 23 2010


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