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Political Reality TV

24/7 video monitoring of politicians
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Want to know what your elected official is doing? Tune into Political Reality TV and see your President / Governor / Senator / Congressman live, wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

Whether they are snorting coke in the congressional washroom, accepting bribes from lobbyists on private jet excursions to Scottish golf "conferences" or simply soliciting male prostitutes in some D.C. bar, Political Reality TV will bring your elected officials to you live.

nuclear hobo, Feb 02 2007


       all for it nothing sells like reality...
OriDea, Feb 03 2007

Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 04 2007

       I don't want to know much more about the people controlling my country. I know too much already and I can't imagine knowing more will help me sleep any sounder.
wagster, Feb 04 2007

       AAAHH! Politics! <Runs off screaming...>
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 04 2007

       Let's see who would go into politics under these terms. I suggest desparately vain people, soul-less psychopaths and those who are happy to sacrifice their families. I suggest further that these groups are already over-represented in politics, and that this idea would exacerbate the situation. [-]
pertinax, Feb 05 2007

       To the contrary, if one's every move was to be documented in real time by a wide audience, the pressure to behave appropriately would be enormous. These are exactly the conditions that need to be institued in order to clean up politics.   

       If nobody was up the challenge, then we wouldn't have any politicians. That too would be an improvement. But I suspect there are more than a few people of integrity who would rise to the occasion ...
nuclear hobo, Feb 15 2007

       That would only work if they have at least a few personal spaces on 'off-duty' moments.
rrr, Oct 01 2008


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