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Road Train

Connect cars like trailers on a semi
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I love it when I get driven to work, but I can't leave when I want to, I depend on someone else.

So, like trailers behind a semi, why not connect several cars to a powerful drive vehicle that can tow several cars behind it. Like a 'road train'.

No flatbed or lifting of the cars. When you get to your destination, disconnect from the connecting vehicle and drive away.

You could have a connector that is universal and mounted to partipating cars. Drive up to the train, connect and relax.

Cars would need a connector in the back and the front.

danheathmoore, Oct 01 2007


       So if I am third in a train of six cars and I detach at my destination, what happens the the three cars behind me?
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 01 2007

       How many times have we done this idea now?
DrCurry, Oct 01 2007

       [+] just for the Dr.'s fuddy-duddiness
evilpenguin, Oct 01 2007

       So if I'm the first in a train of six cars and we accelerate or travel up hill my car gets stretched? Similarly upon deceleration or down hill my car gets squashed?
Texticle, Oct 01 2007

       This would be for long trips, commutes to work where everybody is going the same place.   

       Or instead of buses in city traffic. Take a bunch of kia's and link them together permanently. I really buses.   

       Going up and down hills, yes you would be squashed and stretched.
danheathmoore, Oct 01 2007

       I never even bothered to offer this idea, even though it's on my list of personal WIBNIs.
elhigh, Oct 02 2007

       Heck, it has been proposed in PopSci since at least the 1950s
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 02 2007


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