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Roadkill refinery

Driving off the fat of the land.
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/Perhaps build in a roadkill refinery?/ Worldgineer, Apr 29 2005

I hoped [World] would expand on this, but I can wait no longer. The roadkill refinery would be an onboard attachment to a fairly omnivorous biodiesel car, designed to extract combustible lipids from animal sources encountered during ones travels.

I envision a grinding chamber where ground animals are blended with a lipid solvent - heck, gasoline would do fine. The ground bits are then pressed down and the lipid layer taken off the top. Then remains are deposited back on the road, to complete the circle of life. The fats extracted from the animals would augment the octane of fuel already in the tank. Other feedstocks for the roadkill refinery might be fast food dumpsters or even greasy plants like avocadoes or coconuts.

bungston, May 03 2005

Another fuel related idea Bacardi_20mothball_...ncy_20fuel_20kit_2e
A throwaway comment in here was my inspiration. [bungston, May 03 2005]

(?) Cat Biodiesel http://www.ananova....ory/sm_1534821.html
[Worldgineer, Sep 14 2005]

Robot can hunt for fuel. http://www.foxnews....,532492,00.html?mrp
[bungston, Jul 15 2009]


reensure, May 03 2005

       I'd hate to be a mechanic for one of these.......and the exhaust could be frightful as well.   

       "Honey, take the state highway. There's more squirrels over there".
normzone, May 03 2005

       Can we add a bug-scoop?
Basepair, May 04 2005

       Powered by Marlon Brando
Mr Burns, May 04 2005

       Aw, I missed this idea. Nice one [bung]. I actually found your idea while looking for an application of the linked technology.
Worldgineer, Sep 14 2005

       You could also throw in any unwanted/dead pets.
MikeOxbig, Jan 02 2006

       //Can we add a bug-scoop?//   

       A Bussard Dodge Ramjet?
Aq_Bi, Jan 15 2006

       You would get the benefit of knowing you helped make the world a better place.
bungston, Jan 16 2006

       re [bung]'s link: The obvious next step is adding a built in gun for hunting prey. Maybe that's the next step for this idea as well?
Worldgineer, Jul 15 2009

       //augment the octane of fuel //   

       Sp. "octane" - "cetane"
Custardguts, Jul 15 2009


       That would be fuel made from whales.
bungston, Jul 16 2009

danman, Jul 17 2009


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