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Run a Diesel on #2 Heating Oil

diesel engines could be run on cheaper fuel oil
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Currently, diesel fuel is about $3.30 per gallon where I live. Home heating oil (where it is sold) costs about $2.00 per gallon. This difference is largely due to how the different fuels are taxed.

Since both fuels are nearly identical chemically, it would be possible to run a car or truck with a diesel engine off of #2 fuel oil. Of course, some modifications might be needed to make the engine run smoothly, but if diesels can be modified to run on vegetable oil, I don't think this would be much of a stretch.

Of course, it would probably be a form of tax evasion to run your car off this stuff, but you don't really need to tell the IRS, do you?

discontinuuity, Aug 26 2006

The TDI-SVO controversy http://journeytofor.../biodiesel_TDI.html
Good article on running on SVO/WVO [jmvw, Aug 26 2006]


       Heating oil and "offroad" fuel (no road tax) have dye in it for exactly this purpose. Your diesel car or truck may have a clear line in the fuel system so law enforcement can inspect this.   

       Signs of dye could probably send you to jail.
jmvw, Aug 26 2006

       //Can even use used oil which is even cheaper//   

       Yes, but that will coke your cylinder rings and destroy your engine over time. Unless the oil is preheated very hot. See link.
jmvw, Aug 26 2006

       2 Oil and Diesel are exactly the same product, one is dyed red the other is dyed blue(in the US at least) The only difference in price, as stated is the taxes. Most off road diesel engines(construction equipment) is run on this fuel.   

       Not only is this probably a form of tax evasion, It absolutly is tax evasion.   

       There is no savings in doing this for the environment or the fuel distributor, there is a cost to taxpayers. The enforcing authority on this is the DOT, And as [jmvw] stated this will land you in SERIOUS fines, Inpoundment and posibbly prison time.   

jhomrighaus, Aug 26 2006

       They won't. However, should they ever question you. Just tell the cops yur using the heating oil exclusively to heat the cab of yur truck. The fact that you have heat left over and that you use it to turn the wheels is just a byproduct of heating the cab that is 'value added.' Besides, those folks with electric cars aren't paying a road tax for plugging into the grid. DrainBramage
Drain Bramage, Aug 28 2006

       Where do you get that they wont ask you. Fuel tank dipping is a common and standard procedure for DOT stops. You do not want to be driving when they find red dye in your tanks!
jhomrighaus, Aug 28 2006

       Back in the 70's when I was a child I vaguely recall my neighbor having red colored "gasoline" for his truck in a group of big semi-opaque plastic containers.
Jscotty, Aug 29 2006

       So I am curious. If you cooked the red dye off with a distillation rig, would anyone notice undyed fuel being added to a tank?
MrExergy, Nov 04 2017

       Passing red diesel through a loaf of bread (slice ends off, hollow out a slight funnel and pour in at the top) removes the dye - visibly, at least. It's illegal, of course.
TomP, Nov 05 2017


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