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Robot Warz

amazing gameplay and graphics
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This game would be a massive multiplayer first person shooter. It works like this, 2000 players download the program and get connected to a large gaming network. The game would involve 1000 players vs 1000 players, using standard first person view and controls. The team that wins gets a prize. The twist is that in the background a real battle would roll, 2000 robots would be equiped with mounted weapons, video cameras, and wheels, the players would be controlling these robots. You could just drop them off on some field that no one is using to save on leasing costs. Additional features to keep things interesting could be robot controlled cars, these would be available for a special fee.
proto13, Dec 01 2004

category suggestion http://www.halfbake...Robot_3a_20Fighting
[bungston, Apr 16 2008]

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       How would two thousand robots be paid for? Bear in mind that Robot Wars bots cost several hundred pounds each; you'd easily be looking at a hundred thousand pounds a round with cheaper, £50 robots.
david_scothern, Dec 01 2004

       Multiple problems with this:
1)How is the video feed from each robot being sent to the players? Assuming each robot isn't trailing a network cable, you're talking about a Webcam or some such transmitting footage over wireless to a geographically remote player. The display would likely be so slow as to be unworkable.
2)The name. For the sake of all that is good and righteous, come up with something better than the name of an existing show with a 'z' substituted for the 's' - there's no excuse for anyone not in marketing to be so lazy.
DocBrown, Dec 01 2004

       Mmm... this would be awesome (considering the fact that I am a gamer) except how much it would cost. Sounds similar to my second idea, Alternative war.
EvilPickels, Dec 01 2004

       Since when as cost ever been an issue on this site?
Quaelex, Apr 27 2007


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