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Rodeo Clown barrel

For prison guards.
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If it can work to protect rodeo clowns from 2000 pounds of pissed bull, they should be able to work to protect prison guards from rioting prisoners on the prison grounds.

Only difference would be that the barrel would have to have a one way trap door on it so the guard is fully protected.

Antegrity, Mar 06 2006


       And the guards will wear white face paint, false noses, rags and cowboy hats?
normzone, Mar 07 2006

       Barrels would be equipped with CS gas that would shoot out from alll sides of the barrel.
Antegrity, Mar 07 2006

       Lined with Kevlar, I assume.
zigness, Mar 08 2006

       It was MSNBC that inspired me to come up with this idea. 12 guards for 500 prisoners. If anything ever got out of hand these barrels would save lives.
Antegrity, Mar 08 2006

       I am certain that I and 50 of my hard-bitten, tattoed inmate friends could figure out how to get that guy out of his barrel. Like maybe fire. Or roll it off the roof.   

       I think that the guards should have those mobile towers you proposed earlier.
bungston, Mar 08 2006

       This seems as if it going back to that discussion. Barrels would be fire proof, puncture resistant and sealable. With CS gas canisters and a 1 hour oxygen supply. Barrels would be chained to the ground.
Antegrity, Mar 08 2006

       ok, look. If you got 500 prisoners against 12 barrels, who's gonna win? The guards are gonna have to get air sometime.
craziness, Mar 09 2006

       If they had rockets they could launch the guards clear of the prison. Or this could be done with powerful catapults. Inside there would need to be lots of cushions. You would want a combination lock on the outside so prisoners could not use them to launch themselves to escape. Someone on the side of right would come and let the guards out once they had landed.
bungston, Mar 09 2006


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