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Smart pIrson

Brand devices and pour irony over them.
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Mass market hand-held communications technology such as cellphones under the trademark Smart pIrson brand. The Smart pIrson user agreement ensures full disclosure of all your personal information to relevant State agencies by stipulating it will obey all information laws. The technologically imprisoned person becomes so totally institutionalized that he or she identifies with the brand name whose slogan is "social isolation is a punishment, connectivity is loyalty".
rcarty, Jul 05 2014



       Sent from my smart plrson
pashute, Jul 05 2014

       I think playing the rational skeptic card would be better marketing than the loyalty card. The marketing could contrast the lives of two characters, one, a concerned privacy activist, the other, a laid back, smart cool guy who doesn't sweat such silly matters.   

       Just paint people who want privacy to be backwards Luddites. Although I'm not sure how that turns into a slogan.
fishboner, Jul 06 2014

       We are: "You will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile".   

       Catchy enough for ya ?
8th of 7, Jul 06 2014


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