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Rollacook Automatic Fryer

careful with those fingers, dear
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Ever been frustrated by having to scrape bacon fat off a frypan? What about the horrible embarrasment of serving a steak that isn't properly cooked?

Well, you don't have to suffer any more! The RollaCook Automatic Fryer makes the complex task of frying meat as easy as pushing a button!

Here's how it works:

The key to this amazing new way of cooking is the space-age technology of self-heating stainless steel rollers, which gently guide the food between them, perfectly cooking the food to suit any taste, according to how fast they move!

Steaks are as easy to cook perfectly as putting paper in a printer! Just place the meat in the feed tray on top of the Rollacook Automatic Fryer, select the desired level of doneness on a user-friendly touch-sensitive digital display menu, and the Rollacook Automatic Fryer does the rest! Leave a plate under the Rollacook's outlet slot, and the steak will soon be gently deposited, ready to eat!

Cooking sliced meat will never be difficult or time-consuming again!

anarchobuddhist, May 03 2004

Conveyor toaster http://www.bigtray....tid=13220&sr=ggawpc
[kbecker, Oct 17 2004]


       They have a similar item in our local AM/PM where you can get the most delicious tube steaks.
Salted Nuts, May 03 2004

       Doesn't frying usually imply immersion?   

       Waiter, the front half of my steak is cold...
jutta, May 03 2004

       Frying usually means some grease based cooking on a flat surface. Deep-fat frying is immersion.
GenYus, May 03 2004

       Though I like the halfbakedness of this idea, I don't think you're really solving either of the problems you listed. You now have rotating machinery to clean, and unless you have consistant thickness and conductivity of meat products you aren't going to improve underdone steak problem.   

       However, I can imagine this being sold as a diet aid - call it something like the Fat Squeezer, change your surface to teflon and use it to squeeze fat out of your food while cooking.   

       Thin flat pastry headed your way...
Worldgineer, May 03 2004

       The mechanics are available as conveyor toasters (link). To achieve the simplicity you desire it would have to be combined with an MRI scanner that can monitor the depth profile of the done-ness and adjust the temperature accordingly. The base model would currently be around $1Mio, but if this catches on and Japanese manufacturers get involved prices could drop rapidly. Finally a reason to replace the microwave!
kbecker, May 04 2004


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