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Stir Fry automatically
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I use a wok quite often-daily it seems-sometimes twice. Food prep is quite a chore in itself.
Cooking each item either simultaneously or adding in at appropriate times or separately is an art and a science.
I'd like to cook without the anal retentive aspect of stirring everything myself along with continuing to prep items without overcooking while my attention is diverted.
thumbwax, Oct 06 2000

Benriner Vegatable Slicer http://www.williams...x=on&go.x=20&go.y=6
Not the one I was looking for, but cheaper... [Scott_D, Oct 06 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Stirring Microwave http://www.halfbake...tirring_20Microwave
[egnor, Oct 06 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You are describing microwave dinners...they even come in 'stir fry' flavor.
blahginger, Oct 06 2000

       I USE A WOK. I'd like to have an attachment to any wok which will stir.
thumbwax, Oct 06 2000

       i use to use and old popcorn popper, you know the ones you flip upside down because the lid is the bowl. it wa s really cool because there was a little wire which spun around in the bottom to stir the kernels in the oil. it worked really well to stir fry vegetables as well.(not eggs/pancakes tho). so i guess you could go to the thrift store like i did and get one for like two dollars. (but i guess that really doesnt help you to stir in your current wok)
wrenchndmachine, Oct 07 2000

       We could generalize this & the auto-stirring microwave. Either we need a thingummy that turns heat into stir (like the fans that sit on top of woodstoves? like Jumping Beans?) or perhaps, in the halfbaked tradition, a device to put other devices *into*, to shake them up contents and all.
hello_c, Oct 07 2000

       I believe in recycling/adapting ideas. Look at the scooter craze. Scooters haven't been so popular since they were crates on wheels. wrenchndmachine really nailed it in terms of workable design: Stirfry without steaming/stewing meats-veggies. Hot air circulating ovens are fantastic as well but in my feeble minds eye wouldn't serve this particular purpose.
thumbwax, Oct 07 2000

       I have no idea how to stir automatically, the popcorn thingy sounds do-able, but you can cut down on your prep time with a banjo, good ones are expensive, around $150 from Williams Sonoma, but they slice, dice, and jullianne fries like a Ron Popeil wet dream.   

       I'll see if I can find a link, although it shouldn't be too hard to find - anybody chatting yet?
Scott_D, Oct 07 2000

       Can also buy frozen 'stir fry' kits...Comes with the vegetables and meat all sliced...I think they're premixed, though, and the sauce is seperate...Part of the art of cooking in a wok <I love mine> is shoving things out of the way onto the cooler part to keep it warm but not frying while you do something else...Don't think a machine would be able to do this as well...Like the popcorn machine idea, though..
StarChaser, Oct 07 2000

       ok, this is what i really want.   

       you know thoes hot plates they have in laboratories? the ones with the motor built-in and the magnet on it. all you do is drop a metal bar in the bottom of the beaker and it whips up a little tornado. Whalaa! Mixed! why dont they just build these into a stovetop? you could stir anything. have a nob for the rotational speed and you can control how fast or slow it stirs. (plus it is stiring from the bottom so no stuck on foods) with this in place all we would need is a Visions (by corning) wok!
wrenchndmachine, Oct 07 2000

       Not enough power in the magnetic 'drive'. It only works for liquids.
StarChaser, Oct 08 2000


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