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aka Looks Like A Small Washing Machine Set Into A Wall, But It's A Cooker
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Looks Like A Small Washing Machine Set Into A Wall, But It's A Cooker is exactly that. Here's how it works and why you will want one.

Cookers take up a lot of space, and make fumes requiring extractors. They are also dangerous, especially for children, animals, and the less able. In addition, cooking food can require constant monitoring to make sure it doesn't stick/burn/cooks evenly.

Looks Like A Small Washing Machine Set Into A Wall, But It's A Cooker, solves all of these problems AND it looks good. So what is it?

Well the short answer is that it's a combination of two technologies: that of a front loading washing machine; and of course that of a cooker.

So, it has a series of glass fronted doors set flush against a wall, with all of the heating/plumbing/extraction and motor apparatus built inside the wall itself. Opening the doors allows the chef to remove each of the teflon lined, horizontal cooking drums for both food loading, extraction, and cleaning purposes.

Cooking food using the Washer/Drier/Cooker/Frier couldn't be more simple. You just load in the ingredients, exactly as you would a washing machine; select your programme (which includes heat, time, and tumble action variables); choose whether you are going to fry, boil, steam or roast, then switch it on, or use the timer, so that it starts cooking just before you come home from work.

Washer/Drier/Cooker/Frier will do the rest. The necessary cooking elements ie water, oil, steam or hot air will be delivered to the cooking drum in the same way as a washing machine dispatches soap powder.

After the meal is cooked, and delivered via the removable drum, you just pop it back inside, close the door and activate the "wash/dry" cycle.

Notes - Washer/Drier/Cooker/Frier is not to be used for washing clothes! Delux version features additional "pressure cooker" option.

xenzag, Jun 18 2010




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