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Tunafish oil clean burner

cleans the can dries the water burns the oil with oxygen
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This kitchen appliance is in a family of Fake-Appliances meant as a fun gadget of status, not for its practicality.

The Tunafish-oil clean burner is an electric kitchen appliance that uses much more energy than it puts out. It is sold to both the environmentalists and the global warming deniers alike.

This new kitchen appliance is widely and virally advertised with videos showing how it is a hoax and does not put out more energy than is put in. People show how they actually measure the amount of energy needed for the refrigeration of the tuna oil to prevent odor, the energy needed to run the cleaning of the can, the drying of the damp oil, and the oxygen extraction needed for clean-burning without leaving a smell. They "debunk" the claims and do it in a funny and decisive way.

But there never were any advertisements to the contrary. It's only the debunking videos. And that's what makes this device so popular, with every kitchen having one.

The truthers love it, showing off their disdain for the environment, and the believers love it because the debunkers are knocking it. Win-win.

The 2nd generation also has a small electric generator run on the heat from the tuna-oil warming and burning, which can turn on a small LED light.

pashute, Jun 08 2022




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