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Roomba ready house

Roomba specific architecture
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Since Roomba has trouble navigating a human world a special architecture and furnishings are needed for Roomba owning households.

Examples of Roomba architecture:

Since Roomba has trouble navigating around furniture all furniture will be suspended from the ceiling by cables, eliminating the need for those troubles some legs and the possibility of Roomba being caught in the "lobster trap".

Absolutely no carpets with fringe. Roomba hates fringe.

Roomba also does not like power cords. Outlets might be mounted high on the wall. Track light whenever possible.

geo8rge, Jan 09 2007


       The last two paragraphs read well in a caveman voice.
Texticle, Jan 09 2007

       Are we already so willing to accomodate to our future robot overlords?
twitch, Jan 09 2007

       [geo8rge] is the world's first truly sentient Roomba, methinks.
jtp, Jan 10 2007

       Robots must conform to humans.
Voice, Jun 26 2010

       Would the house also be a bungalow, or would it be fitted with a Roomba hoist?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 26 2010


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