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Subway ElHouse

Build homes above elevated metro rail stations
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I have been spending some time in Brooklyn, and taking the train. It seems that a way for the MTA to raise income is to put a span across the roof of the elevated subway stations, and create a number of studio apartments for college students and other persons willing to live near to the railway tracks. I am guessing that some structural work would have to be done, but that shouldn't be a big stretch. An added bonus could be to allow the occupants to ride the trains for free. A typical station platform seems to be about 500 feet, and about 40 feet across the tracks. This could yield about 50 or so habitable units.
senatorjam, Mar 04 2009


       why would you have them ride for free ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 04 2009

       to make up for the constant screeching of thw braking trains
senatorjam, Mar 04 2009

       Disused sidings or closed stations would probably be a cheaper place to build human habitations. Nevertheless, for an idea aiming at not destroying more green-space to build homes, you get a bun of dubious age from the trackside vendor [+].
vincevincevince, Mar 04 2009

       Why can't the trains themselves be used as (part-time) housing? They're in storage a lot of the time and especially at night. The transit company doesn't want bums living in there, but if you pay rent they might not mind.   

       To go home, you simply catch any train that's headed to the yard, and at the last stop, show the conductor your lease to prove you live there (until morning)
phundug, Mar 04 2009


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