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artificial sun lighthouses
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lighthouses, built deep in the countryside west and east of a village emit strong light in the yellowish color of the sun, but only on sunrise or sunset.

during sunrise and sunset the villagers see two suns directly opposed.

erlehmann, Jan 08 2008

we argued ad nauseum about the value of this illusun
[dentworth, Jan 08 2008]


zeno, Jan 08 2008

       this would be welcome in rainy parts of the UK. brings po's sun lamp idea to mind.
dentworth, Jan 08 2008

       I doubt even the lamp from the Luxor would suffice. What are you going to do, a big magnesium flare?
MisterQED, Jan 08 2008

       There was something recently in the news about a town in the alps maybe that received no direct sunlight during the winter months. They were going to install large mirrored reflectors on the ridge above the town to reflect sunlight down into the valley during the dark months.
jhomrighaus, Jan 08 2008


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