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rotating tube house

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It is room shaped like a tube. there are 3 to 4 configuration of 'rooms' that it can take, which occurs by the entire room rotating to the particular surface.

The rotation is done by a sensor sensing where the person is walking towards.

This is very similar to the spaceship in "2001 a space odyssey", except it is designed for terrestrial living.

Pros: You can use up all corners of the room, including the ceiling. Its effing cool!

Cons: Everything has to be bolted down, and only one person can use a particular section at a time. Breadcrumbs falling down your head. Only useful for one person.

mofosyne, Jun 02 2013

http://thedesignhom...ntal-house-roll-it/ [leinypoo13, Jun 02 2013]

Rotohaus http://s68.photobuc...psda5c5822.jpg.html
...it's totally tubular [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 02 2013]


       : ]   

       You beat me to it!
When my wife wakes up from her nap I'll scan the half finished sketch.

       If one end of the rotating tube contained a non-rotating bedroom/bathroom/side entry, and the other end contained a non-rotating kitchen, and all of the furniture was magnetized to the floor/ceiling, it would make for a cool apartment.   

       I can see them being big in Japan.   

       I may be being a bit slow*, but I don't get the geometry here. Is the 'tube' vertical or horizontal? What are the 'particular surfaces' it rotates to? Or do you mean that the tube is horizontal and, by rotating about its horizontal axis, different parts of it become 'floor', 'walls' and 'ceiling'?   

       [*this is clearly intended merely as a polite conversational gambit]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2013

       //Halfbaking while sleeping is quite a talent!//   

Remembering upon awakening is the hard part.

       The scanner is only linked to her computer. I didn't remember her password.

       Public: Architecture: House
ytk, Jun 03 2013

       //only one person can use a particular section at a time// You're not rotating it fast enough.
spidermother, Jun 07 2013


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