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Rope Controlled Wingsuit Ride

A Safe Skydive
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Wikipedia for Wingsuit and Zip-line if you don't recall what they are...

The idea is to safely jump with a Wingsuit connected with a free rope to a Zip-line. You can go up / down and around the zip line to a certain amount of freedom.

Most people would try not to use the zip-line at all, and just skip the valley directly to the mountain on the other side.

pashute, Mar 08 2010


       thanks, but more important are annos and links! anybody?
pashute, Mar 08 2010

       Gets my bun. It would be more like gliding than wingsuiting (a freefall wingsuit has a glide ratio of much less than unity, I suspect), but I like it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 08 2010


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