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Voice Activated Refrigerator for Compulsive Eaters
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Not unlike the Breathalyzer activated ignition lock for DWI offenders. Online access for Physician or physician approved diet monitor. Dieter at home may only receive access to a particular section of the refrigerator for doctor approved foods.
Styxtones, Nov 28 2000


       You'd better market this with a voice activated car and bank account or these people will just buy more food and stick it in the cupboard or just eat out. Better rig the phone, too, so they can't order pizza.
centauri, Nov 28 2000

       But anyway, welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Jan 31 2020

       It will work great for the first 4 hours, until I take a crowbar to it for a piece of dead animal.
Voice, Feb 01 2020

       Sure, why not. Something like this was proposed in "Ready Player One" (novel): a shut-in remote-worker computer programmer who lives his entire life in his apartment (with food delivery, he works, plays videogames, bathes, and sleeps all in a small studio apartment...never leaving for months at a time)...he gets quite fat, so he signs up for some service which locks him out of his computer and cancels his food deliveries unless he does an hour a day of cardio on the treadmill-type machine in his apartment.
sninctown, Feb 01 2020


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