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Rubber Barb Wire

Faux Ferocious Fencing
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Many councils ban barbed wire perimeters (zoning laws) so I reckon to fake'em out. Have nasty looking rows of Razor Wire but with the barbs made of rubber. Totally harmless but still a visible deterrent.
AusCan531, May 25 2020

https://www.google....?q=fake+barbed+wire [pocmloc, May 25 2020]


       If you feel the need to fortify your house then presumably the council has already failed to perform its duties.   

       In any case, barbed wire (faux or not) seems unlikely to gain council approval.
sninctown, May 25 2020

       If you want to keep people out, put a sign on your front door/gate:
"High Voltage Experiments - Enter at own risk"
And wire the handle to 12 volts or so; just enough to make people think it's the beginning of something larger...
neutrinos_shadow, May 25 2020

       I used to climb barbed wire fences a lot growing up. I also had to have a row of stitches because I slipped and fell over one once and tore my shin open.   

       Needless to say I would have much-preferred rubber barbs.
blissmiss, May 25 2020


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