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Rubber Ming Vase

"Don't worry about the vase"
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Given the high standard of manufacturing processes these days, it shouldn't prove too difficult to construct a reasonably realistic Ming vase using some sort of high-density rubber. After being coated in glossy plastic and imprinted with characteristic patterns to give it that authentic "Ming" look, the vases can be positioned around the home in suitably precarious positions, ready for guests to knock over in the time-honoured fashion.

Hilarity ensues as the hapless guest flounders desparingly for the falling vase before seeing it hit the ground and bounce to an impressive height, then caught smoothly by the vase owner and set back in its position, ready for the next unsuspecting victim.

Mr Phase, Aug 13 2006

Plain Red Rubber Vase http://www.panik-de..._-_Rubber_Vase.html
Rubber vases in general exist, but not Ming reproductions. [jutta, Aug 13 2006]

ping pong ming mong (sorry) http://arts.guardia.../0,,1703206,00.html
if only they'd read this idea first (+) [xenzag, Aug 14 2006]


       As you show friends around the house you could drop in phrases such as "recent investments", "lifetime savings", "meaning to get around to buying insurance". This should add to the overall effect as the vases teeter on the edge of falling.
wagster, Aug 13 2006

       I need everything in my house made of this material. +
lingamish, Aug 13 2006

       Great idea. For best results, use together with indistinguishable ceramic reproductions. (Guest: "Hey! Watch this!" [Drops vase.] Vase: "Smash.")
jutta, Aug 13 2006

       FYI, we had a shatter-proof vase that broke.
DrCurry, Aug 13 2006

silverstormer, Aug 13 2006

       Freakin' brilliant! The inevitable shattering of the vase by a clumsy house-guest was the reason I hadn't put all my money into one of the darn things up until now. I no longer have any excuse.
primanox, Aug 14 2006

       Then invite your confused house-guests into the garden for a quick game of football - with a football made from eggshell-thickness porcelain...
hippo, Aug 14 2006

       hen hao!
phundug, Aug 15 2006

       Pretty neat. I'll take 6.
shapu, Aug 15 2006


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