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Sardine Can Drawers

Drawers that wont get stuck!
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We have all had the same harrowing experience. Your junk drawer or Utensil drawer gets a little over full and at some point a loose item inside slides out of position and jambs against the face frame of the cabinet, the drawer wont open and all manner of anguish, gnashing of teeth and broken cabinetry ensue.

My idea is to affix a roll up lid to the top of the drawer body that will roll into a cylinder much like a window shade. Made of thin metal or plastic and mounted on a spring wound roll the cover will roll out as the door is closed, safely containing the contents and ensuring that they can not assume a position that would jam the drawer. 2 screws hold the roll to the frame of the cabinet that can easily be removed to remove the entire drawer assembly.

Also handy in overfull sock drawers or for the ladies protecting those delicates from being pinched in the drawer.

jhomrighaus, Mar 05 2007


       I'd rather have the surface directly above the drawer to be smooth and flat so that there is no place for anything to catch on.
BJS, Mar 06 2007


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