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Smart towel rack

Turns off when your towel is dry.
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A heated stainless steel towel rack, similar to those available in home improvement and furniture stores - with a difference.

Outfitted at the top and bottom of the device are two separate humidity sensors. When a wet towel is hung on the rack and the device is turned to 'dry', the relative humidity between the two sensors is then calculated periodically by a control module. Once the relative humidity is equal to 1, with some error tolerance, the towel is dry and the device turns itself off. The device also has a 'warm' function which turns the device on while someone is using the bath/shower/sauna - a trend becoming popular in Europe.

This product would appeal to discerning upper-class and all other individuals who have a concern for energy conservation; as well as young parents and college students who lack the time, effort, and resources to dry towels in the laundry every time they're used, thus leading to an offensive musty smell.

somewhatindustrious, Sep 15 2010


       A neat solution to an already solved problem. Do the current technologies ever 'burn' the towels, for example? If not, why be smart about it then? [+/-]
daseva, Sep 15 2010

       The selling feature of this product would be the controller module which shuts the unit off when the towel is dry. It knows when to stop wasting energy, and doesn't require a large clothes dryer. Haven't heard any horror stories about towels burning, yet...
somewhatindustrious, Sep 16 2010

       How about a smart-ass towel rack?   

       "Yes, please take a towel and cover that."   

       "Well, at least it's cleaner now that you've washed it."   

       "No please, just throw it in the hamper. Really."
doctorremulac3, Sep 17 2010

       // college students //   

       "lack the time, effort, and resources" ?   

       No, just the motivation. You're on a loser there.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2010


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