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Rubber Roads

How to save the environment...
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Jim has noticed how car tyres are just about the same colour as the bitchimun road surface. Jim has also noticed that no seems to know what to do with a car tyre once the tread hits the legal limit...

Jim reckons car tyres should be chunked and embedded in the road surface.

madness, Jun 09 2009

When the rubber hits the road http://www.engineer...e=32050&issue=32037
[ldischler, Jun 09 2009]

The Idiots' Guide to Highways Maintenance: Introduction to Rubberised Asphalt http://www.highways...UBBERISED%20ASPHALT
[zen_tom, Jun 09 2009]

BBC News: Rubber Railways http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/5034912.stm
[zen_tom, Jun 09 2009]

Wikipedia: Rubberised Asphalt http://en.wikipedia.../Rubberized_asphalt
[zen_tom, Jun 09 2009]

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       on a hot day it would smell bad.
dentworth, Jun 09 2009

       This is baked for some years now. A running path near my house is mostly ground rubber from old tires.
ldischler, Jun 09 2009

       Hmmm thing is not only are the quieter, less likely to crack and solve a waste disposal problem --- they also allow cars to run faster through the bends...   

       (Well thats according to the F1 drivers commenting on the rubber coating created/left during practice sessions...)
madness, Jun 09 2009

       It's all well and good, until you get a flat.   

       Anyway, jokes aside, Jim should probably Google "rubberized asphalt" which was invented in the 1960's.
zen_tom, Jun 09 2009

       oh, I was thinking of the ground rubber used in playgrounds as a substitute for mulch. It smells so bad, I couldn't take the kids there.
dentworth, Jun 09 2009

       Old tyres from western markets are sometimes shipped to markets with less stringent tyre depth requirements. However I'm pretty sure that in many cases it is simply not worth transporting them.
Aristotle, Jun 09 2009

       Old tires are good for mosquito breeding farms.
ldischler, Jun 09 2009

       Those breaded mosquitos are very nice, but you need to eat quite a lot to fill you up.
hippo, Jun 09 2009

       If a certain type of flying pest visited a certain type of religious establishment in a certain Russian city, would this be called a muscovite mosque mosquito?
xenzag, Jun 09 2009

       Not bad*, [xenzag], but it needs a reference to some mesquite in Quito (Ecuador) to feel complete. I think what we need to aim for is a continuous rolling stammer, like that of a car not starting.   

       *in a horrible, lame pun sort of way
pertinax, Jun 09 2009

       //horrible, lame pun// there is no such thing!
xenzag, Jun 09 2009

       Such a mosquito might serve as a mascot perchance?
zen_tom, Jun 09 2009

       It might have a certain heavy scent* as well...   

       *It isn't strictly a scent, but it's a pun chain, so tenuousness isn't relevant.
Jinbish, Jun 09 2009

       The creature might also want to wear a facial disguise of some description.
zen_tom, Jun 09 2009

       A heaven sent mesquite scented Muscovite masked Quito mosque mascot mosquito?
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 13 2009


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