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T-72 Buckaroo

exploding tank turret game
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Buckaroo is a desktop game where the players carefully load items unto a spring loaded donkey figure. Eventually the donkey's mechanism is triggered and everything is kicked off.

T-72 Buckaroo adopts this same principle but instead of a donkey there is a model of a Russian T-72, with a spring loaded turret.

These are the same Russian tanks who's turrents have been flying off like tiddly winks in the Ukraine war after being struck by NLAWS and Javelin missiles.

The game of T-72 Buckaroo begins with compressing the tank current into place which is secured by a sensitive trigger mechanism. The players then begin loading the invader's tank with various pieces of items looted from Ukrainian homes. ie fridges, washing machines, tvs, microwaves, cookers, bicycles, suitcases filled with clothes, cartons of food etc

At some point, the tank turrent's spring is triggered and shoots up into the air, along with its miniature crew member figures and all of the loaded on contents. The game has now been lost/won and can begin again

Delux version features the recorded sounds of tank engine idling and revving followed eventually by a loud explosion along with sparks and clouds of smoke.

xenzag, Nov 23 2022

And the best oart is… https://www.forbes....it/?sh=dbdc6ca9fc48
The catastrophic losses are a side effect of a calculated design decision. [a1, Nov 23 2022]

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famous mule version [xenzag, Nov 24 2022]

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We have this unfortunate game at home. https://youtu.be/v1sJlOg5W3g
Combining the joys of packing the car and getting spit on. [RayfordSteele, Nov 27 2022]


       {sniffs} [8th] would have loved this. [+]
pertinax, Nov 23 2022

       [+] And the best part is (link) - it’s not a bug, it’s a feature! It’s like the designers WANTED to give [xenzag] this opportunity.
a1, Nov 23 2022

       [8th] would also have pointed out that the crew members would not shoot straight up in the air. Remember, none of them sits in the turret during normal operation of the tank. Rather, the sudden over-pressure would, I strongly suspect, tend to smear the crew members over the unyielding inner surfaces of the crew compartment.   

       [8th] would also have talked about the effects of the heat and shell splinters.   

       A miniature high-pressure hose might then be required to expel the remains of the crew members from the miniature tank.   

       On the positive side, it's not a lingering death.
pertinax, Nov 24 2022

       8th would defo dwelled on the morbid details but not me. (on this occasion) The crew are of course spring loaded to enable them to be re-inserted to "fight another day". They might even be equipped with tiny parachutes so that they drift down from the ceiling when the turret etc springs off.
xenzag, Nov 24 2022

       //tiny parachutes//
Bonus round!
Have all the parts parachute-equipped, & you can snatch victory from the cruel jaws of defeat if you can gather all the components before they hit the ground.
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 24 2022

       ....and of course out come the twin auto-boners, determined to see the back of me at the halfbakery with their perpetual annonymous negativity. I actually have a good idea who they are now.   

       Wonder why the once brilliant halfbakery has so few who bother to post anything any more, including me? No one likes anonymous trolls with only a few brain cells in their heads. It's why I post most of my ideas on Instagram now, especially the ones where there is extra time taken to create illustrations.
xenzag, Nov 24 2022

       The half-bakery always had auto-boners.
pertinax, Nov 24 2022

       That's true but they are quite prolific now and perpetually attracted to my postings. It's one of the reasons why I post comparatively so little here now, and I believe why many no longer post anything at all. There is only so much tiresome trolling that anyone will put up with before walking away. Instagram by comparison is brilliant for me. I can be mostly visual with only basic descriptors and in nearly 600 postings on insta, there is not one negative comment. At least 300 of those postings would have otherwise come here.
xenzag, Nov 24 2022

       I voted FOR this idea, just sayin...
21 Quest, Nov 24 2022

       //....and of course out come the twin auto-boners, determined to see the back of me at the halfbakery with their perpetual annonymous negativity.//   

       I'm one of those two negative votes - I voted against, because I think dehumanising people on the other side is one of the more dangerous slippery slopes in existence.
I started writing a comment to that effect a couple of times, but then deleted it, because... well, you're maybe a little bit sensitive, and I didn't want to ruffle your feathers unnecessarily.

       But if you think I'm part of some sinister anonymous group targetting you specifically with constant negativity, you're mistaken. I've just checked back with a custom search, and on your most recent ideas on which I voted, that vote is as follows:
Nunchuka Cocktail Bar : for
Vote Dinosaur : against
dash-dash-dash-dash chalkline : for
Have Billionaires, Will Fly Again : against

       Basically I vote on ideas according to how I feel about the idea. How I feel about the halfbaker doesn't really come in to it. I once got very cross with someone and went through their back-catalogue with the intention of down-voting ... not everything, but the ones I didn't like.
I stopped after up-voting about three ideas.
Loris, Nov 24 2022

       I think I really should just give up and just stop posting after reading this. Imagine the very idea of going through all of someone's ideas and voting them all down. Think you need a bit of cheer to come your way.
xenzag, Nov 25 2022

       I don't think you really understood the point of Loris's comment, Xen.
21 Quest, Nov 25 2022

       // you need a bit of cheer //   

       Check the scorecard, [xenzag]. Buns heavily outweigh bones, and if you have two anonymous autoboners, they’re slacking - many of your posts in the past six months have only one, or even zero bones.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       There's been a tagline at the top of the 'bakery for as long as I've been a member here (nigh on 17 years now) saying "not the happy cuddle club". This has always been a rambunctious, contentious place. I don't know what you're playing at suggesting autoboners are somehow new or indicative of a changing environment. I'm surprised you don't have thicker skin as long as you've been here.
21 Quest, Nov 25 2022

       If I cared about up-votes the 2004 crash would have crushed me. Some of, what I think are my best ideas, have the lowest votes.
(okay I was a little crushed... some of them were edging into the top fifty)
Thing is though, just be you.
Most of us dig your contributions most of the time...

       ...sometimes not.   

       It's about the ideas and exchange. Not about the personalities.   

       I can honestly say that I have never once judged a concept by its author and I suspect it is the same for the majority of halfbakers.
In fact very early on I made a game of guessing the author of every posting I read in as few words as possible.
(I don't think that the amount of time I spend alone is abnormally large, why do you ask?)
You guys would be very surprised at how many authors I guess from title alone. Not once did it affect my vote on the idea itself.



       <wipes budding tear from eye>
Orbital Guppies had SO many votes!

       I'm not crying, you're crying!   

       OK, I went and found Orbital Guppies, and, obviously, I voted for them because ... well, of course.   

       I'm a bit surprised we don't see more pumice around here.
pertinax, Nov 25 2022

       I have no problem with criticism or debate but anonymous negativity is a form of trolling and is a deterrant (for me anyway), and I believe for others too. Voting against ideas because "you don't like the person" is simply pathetic. Let's not allow the halfbakery to become a transmitter of negativity like twitter. We're supposed to be about generating and sharing daft ideas and enjoying that process which is where the focus needs to be. That's always been why I was here.
xenzag, Nov 25 2022

       //<wipes budding tear from eye> Orbital Guppies had SO many votes!// I doubt if any idea could attract more than 20 votes now, and even if it did, the autoboner trolls would pop up and puncture it.
xenzag, Nov 25 2022

       // I doubt if any idea could attract more than 20 votes now, and even if it did, the autoboner trolls would pop up and puncture it. //   

       Two different premises - one somewhat accurate, the other just another show of your … skewed perspective.   

       20 is a pretty high bar to clear given the small number of actively engaged users. Only a couple of tribute posts get everyone to punch the button. A dozen votes is a more easily reached target. But for ideas in the past year that cleared that more modest bar? See link - Your bogeyman autoboner is hard to find on that list.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       I don't come here to be insulted either. It's all reinforcing the negativity of the halfbakery and proving my point.
xenzag, Nov 25 2022

       In love your ideas, xenzag. I don’t know how to run that search to confirm, but I don’t think I’ve ever boned one of your ideas. I’m not around as often recently but the HB wouldn’t feel the same without you.
swimswim, Nov 25 2022

       // I don’t come here to be insulted //   

       What, you were expecting free beer?
a1, Nov 25 2022

       I expect inventiveness and intelligence. I regard anonymous insults as the opposite of that and unless it stops my ideas stream will end here with this one. It's simply tiresome and not why I'm here. Perhaps it's why you are, so good luck finding another poster to leech unto.
xenzag, Nov 25 2022

       //Imagine the very idea of going through all of someone's ideas and voting them all down.//   

       I know, right?
There was a lot of it going around, and maybe it had happened to me, I don't remember the details at all... and I thought "two can play at that game" - and ... well, I couldn't.
Loris, Nov 25 2022

       I'm just glad to still be able to speak here. I know I probably came pretty close to being silenced for the opinions I have of current touchy subjects.
Some of the trolls on other sites are the mods themselves.

       I've been silenced on imgur over my covid stance. I can still post... but nobody can see it but me.   

       caption.me changed their site so that nobody can vote on just "my" captions because I was captioning more than I vote and told them I vote when something makes me laugh, not because I'm told to.
<shakes head>
I won their damn contest once without even knowing there was a prize to collect. I just like captioning shit. I crack me up.

       At least this site is still sane and rational.   

       The rest of the internet seems to be hemorrhaging sanity at a break-neck pace.   

       ...and this is why we are few.   

       Some of us are very few indeed. But most of us are a bit more.
pertinax, Nov 27 2022

       Ah, thus the majority of us are overwhelming. I get it now.   

       //Imagine the very idea of going through all of someone's ideas and voting them all down.//   Ssh you're distracting me. I'm only a third of the way through. Now where was I, oh yes...
pocmloc, Nov 27 2022

       // only a third of the way through //   

       Now that’s craftsmanship, that is. One bone at a time, by hand. Not taking the easy way by outsourcing to some third-world country child-labor sweatshop.
a1, Nov 27 2022

       Well your plan worked perfectly. I won’t post any more ideas on the halfbakery. The trolls have won, and I now join all the others who have simply walked away. It’s a real shame to see such a brilliant place being hollowed out from within by its least creative members. Soon you can just have autoboning each other contests when you’re all that’s left.
xenzag, Nov 27 2022

       Last comment timestamp recorded as
Sunday, November 27, 2022 3:20:34 PM GMT

       For the betting pool, of course.
a1, Nov 27 2022

       Sleep on it.   


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