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Solar Putt

The Front Nine
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This game encompasses the entire solar system.

One of the problems with NASA is that the precision that they go about their work, eliminates a lot of the thrill in space travel and exploration.

Therefore the thrill can be re-added with a game of Solar Putt. Asteroids can be selected from the range available in the asteroid belt. Clubs are chosen from a stable of ~ton spacecraft launched from somewhere flat in Florida.

The goal is to strike an asteroid or moonlet, and land it in one of the nine major gravity wells in the solar system. This does includes the sun and pluto is STILL a planet - Earth is not included.

Due to the powers at play, divots count against the score, and USGA rule 11 does not apply directly, but rather the total count of all people hit by the asteroid, count against the score.

mylodon, Sep 21 2022

DART https://www.newscie...ts-dart-spacecraft/
Solar Lawn Darts (being played now) [mylodon, Sep 21 2022]


       Earth should count, but the spacecraft has to go out a predetermined distance, come BACK to the Earth, and NOT hit any populated areas.
21 Quest, Sep 21 2022

       Or - the moon could stand for the earth as proxy. Nobody is doing anything with that place at the moment anyways.
mylodon, Sep 21 2022

       Make it so, number one!
21 Quest, Sep 21 2022


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