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Surface to air missile system dedicated to killing flies and other airborne pests
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Conventional fly-killing devices attempt to attract flies and other insects using chemical attractors or ultraviolet light. These are not 100% effective, and some flies just ignore them and continue to buzz around the place annoying people and constituting a health hazard.

My invention is to use nanotechnology to produce a tiny surface-to-air missile system that would use radar with motion detection technology to detect insect movement and then automatically launch tiny missiles to intercept the flies and then detonate their high explosive payload on impact causing instant and relatively painless insect demise. Tiny amounts of high explosive would be sufficient to blow up something the size of a housefly so each missile would be a matter of millimetre long thus requiring very small quantities of expensive high explosive and fuel. Convenient packs containing several hundred replacement missiles could be made available for sale.

To ensure safety, software would detect the size of the targets to ensure that people and pets were not targeted but in any case the tiny explosions created would be only a minor inconvenience for a human. This is a practical and timely adaptation of military technology to peaceful use.

jonball, Jun 25 2010

Done it!.... Auto_20Fly_20Swatter
A missile fly killing system [Twizz, Jun 25 2010]

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       I'll certainly bun for that --- but --- would the missiles follow a fly to Aunt Edna's potato salad?
Grogster, Jun 25 2010

       Why not use a full-size one? that should dispose of your fly problem.
moomintroll, Jun 25 2010

       <Link> to detailed description including tracking system, re-useable missile & warhead and integrated power plant.
Twizz, Jun 25 2010


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