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Tremorless Tools

Freeing You From Pilot-Induced-Oscillation
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With kudos for the inspiration to [po].

When I have worked my body to exhaustion, my hands sometimes develop a fine tremor that I must focus on and cancel out before I can perform fine detail work.

Such tasks can include writing, turning a small screwdriver, and not stabbing myself in the gums with a shrimp fork.

The Tremorless Tools company is pleased to introduce a line of gourmet flatware designed to prevent oral injuries.

Encapsulated motion-sensing technologies detect the frequency and amplitude of your vibrating grip, and the automatic countermeasures dampen and reduce or entirely eliminate undesireable pitch, yaw, and roll motions

At Tremorless Tools, we are devoted to bringing you an entire line of products to steady your grip. Coming this summer: The Pilot's Penknife.

normzone, Apr 25 2005

Credit for the inspiration tremble_20cutlery
[normzone, Apr 25 2005]

Pilot-induced-oscillation http://www.answers....induced-oscillation
[normzone, Apr 25 2005]

Pilot-induced-oscillation scale http://flighttest.n...ricted/pioscale.pdf
[normzone, Apr 25 2005]

Adaptive canceling of physiological tremor for improved precision in microsurgery http://www.bme.jhu....ed_Eng45_839-46.htm
A few interesting facts in this. [half, Apr 26 2005]


       A cutting edge scalpel, please.
FarmerJohn, Apr 25 2005

       How about the Tremorless Tools Tremorless Arms division which builds motion dampened grips and stocks for firearms?
bristolz, Apr 25 2005

       [Farmer John] [cutting edge scalpel]   

       Is that an oxymoron ? Never mind, I'll get the PEG (Proto-duction Engineering Group) right on it.   

       [bristolz] Tremorless arms.....been there too, many times before. It would be nice to have a smart gun, with target acquisition and tracking, to take full advantage of the Tremorless Arms software/hardware/firmware package. I'm not sure I'm ready for such things in my firearms, but we'll have the MFD [Marketing Fantasy Department] research this immediately.
normzone, Apr 25 2005

po, Apr 26 2005

       Watch my hand - No shake   

       hey where did that mouse go?
The Kat, Apr 26 2005

       This would be terrific for Parkinson's sufferers.
Etymon, Apr 26 2005

       Watch! I dropped my knife.
See, it bounces right back up to me!
reensure, Apr 26 2005

       I believe they've put something like this in binoculars.   

       Before my grandfather died, he could have REALLY used this in an ink pen. Oh, and there's a bunch of old ladies at my church who need communion trays like this. Ugh! what a mess that makes of all those little grape juice cups!   

       How about "Tremorless gloves," which would take the shake out before you put your hands on the tools?
ye_river_xiv, Apr 23 2007


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