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the police car crime suspect head protector & depressor

a padded device for assisting the police to bundle their suspect into the car whilst helping with their enquiries.
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the device swings outwards whenever the back passenger door of the police vehicle is opened. the policeman swiftly chooses an appropriate setting. e.g. 1. female elderly gangster. 2. female young mugger. 3. female middle-aged shoplifter. 4. male elderly swindler 5. male middle-aged traffic offender. 6. male young dope pusher. (mix and match to your preferences)

the officer places the padded head restraint on top of the suspect’s head and the “police car crime suspect head protector & depressor” will do the rest. the suspect’s head is lowered to just the right depth to enable him to be helped into the car at the right angle and the correct degree of shove without his/her head cracking on the roof of the car.

this is good news for the suspect as these things in the past have always been a matter of individual judgement on the part of the policeman & its good news for the policeman as they can now no longer be accused of undue force by the criminal or undue sensitivity by their superiors.

po, Aug 30 2003


       Sp: "with"
thumbwax, Aug 30 2003

       You may also need a setting for manipulative Prime Ministers.
FarmerJohn, Aug 30 2003

       thank you thumbwax.
po, Aug 30 2003

       // female elderly gangster //   

       What the...?
DeathNinja, Aug 30 2003

       mix and match, DN
po, Aug 30 2003

       Kate "Ma" Barker, Queen Mother of the Underworld with Crime Family Values.
thumbwax, Aug 30 2003

       but that would spoil the fun of bashing a resisting felon's face into the doorframe...
Freefall, Aug 30 2003

       Hence: *Sp: "with"*, heh
thumbwax, Aug 30 2003

       Sorry [po], I'm with FreeFall on this one. Bash away!
ato_de, Aug 31 2003

       //SLAM!**... Watch your head... Oops! Sorry// + When I worked as a bartender, I would often have to escort someone to the exit. The doorframe was my friend.
LabRat, Aug 31 2003

       I tell ya I was framed!   

       I don't know why, but as I read this the word "nutcase" comes to mind.
egbert, Sep 01 2003

       do you get these unwarranted, unwanted thoughts often? there's a word for it..
po, Sep 02 2003

       Yes. In this case, the word is "apposite".
egbert, Sep 02 2003

       Yes, soon police cars will do all the work of arresting suspects and criminals; chase them down, slap on cuffs, read them their rights and throw them in the paddy vagon. Can't wait. Can't wait.
k_sra, Sep 02 2003

       paddy vagon? leave the Irish out of this!
po, Sep 02 2003

       I have been so derivative today, baking up other folks stuff. The very least I can offer is bread. +
bungston, Dec 05 2003

       I think your voice echos, [bungston]
Letsbuildafort, Dec 05 2003

       thank you bung.   

       sometimes we read and it just enters our subconscious. I did the very same thing the other week with a texting idea.   

       or mebbe - great minds think alike :)
po, Dec 05 2003


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