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The MADF Mothers

A necessary organization. Not as catchy of a name.
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It has come to my attention that more and more people are getting in their favorite airplanes and flying drunk to pass the time. This is just plane silly. Look at this man (linky). He could have flown into a house and destroyed it and killed the people in it. Serious problem if you ask me.

Unfortunately, the organization that was so effective at revolutionizing the stringency of the drunk driving laws (Yes, my fellows, I am speaking of the MADD mothers), has not much to say about drunk flying. We need a new organization:

The MADF Mothers!

daseva, Nov 19 2008

Drunk flying is against the law. http://www.chicagob...es-near-darien.html
This guy will probably walk. An abomination! [daseva, Nov 19 2008]


       have a fishbone, courtesy of DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers)
afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 19 2008

       Yes, but you could have chosen any one of thousands of crimes which don't already have their own pressure group and said "We need a new organisation". And, in the case of flying drunk, is it the same teenager demographic involved which is what made drunk driving such an issue for MADD? - based on the report you've linked, probably not.
hippo, Nov 19 2008

       PIFPAFD - People In Flight Paths Against Flying Drunks
Mony a Mickle, Nov 19 2008


       Pilots foolish enough to ignore the "24hrs bottle to throttle" rule are by and large self-eliminating.   

       The problem arises when they're flying a commercial jet, but then again, there's usually a co-pilot (when he isn't sleeping, playing Sudoku, chatting up a stewardess, or playing games on his mobile phone).   

       It's also kind of hard to pull up an aircraft and give the pilot any sort of sobriety test.   

       Having said that, the penalty for flying while intoxicated is often death, without any intervention by law enforcement authorities.   

       The vast majority of pilots, both private and commercial, are responsible, serious-minded and careful individuals. And, ironically, there are of course one or two quite exceptional individuals who are probably better pilots with a couple of drinks inside them than most would ever be stone cold sober. But they are extremely rare, fearsomly talented superbeings who leave watchers silent and awestruck at their casual, effortless skill.   

       [-} for the idea because it implies that more than a very tiny minority of pilots woudl fly when drunk, to the extent that some sort of pressure group is needed.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2008

       Is that a fallse implication? You are clearly certian it is not. Which is baseless certainty, I would have to guess. This certianty of mine is based on the fact that I've never come across statistics on drunk flying, but I wouldn't be surprised if amateur pilots and crop dusters are doing it all the time.
daseva, Nov 19 2008

       // amateur pilots and crop dusters are doing it all the time //   

       Just once, maybe. It's kind of hard to keep flying after you're dead.
8th of 7, Nov 19 2008

       I imagine that flying drunk would be an easy thing to do.   

       Landing though...   

       Landing isn't easy even when you're stone cold sober.....
8th of 7, Nov 20 2008


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