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Safer Beer Bottle

This is probably baked somewhere but I've never seen one so here goes.
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Make beer bottles out of safety glass so that when they break they are less hazardous to vehicles and pedestrians, also during bar fights they can't be turned into bottle knives. I'm sure there are other advantages but I can't think of them right now.
Spaceman Spiff, Feb 25 2008

Plastic beer bottles http://www.azom.com...s.asp?ArticleID=351
...let in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide, it would seem. But coating the glass bottle with plastic, the glass would still keep the beer fresh, I imagine. [DrCurry, Feb 25 2008]

Miller plastic bottles http://www.realbeer...les/news-000738.php
Miller (in the US) produces beer bottled in plastic. Not much of a weapon unless it's full. [Sometimer, Feb 26 2008]

Bud Light in Aluminum bottle-shaped cans http://www.stuffmag.../index.aspx?id=1098
The best part is that the "Real Men of Genius" ad series, run by Budweiser, mocked these things as being too cold for all but a wooly mammoth to drink from. [shapu, Feb 26 2008]


       Isn't safety glass "safety glass" because it is laminated with plastic? Isn't there a reason beer isn't sold in plastic bottles? I'm no expert, more of a sambuca person myself.
ericscottf, Feb 25 2008

       Perhaps "tempered glass" is meant. That's the stuff that crumbles into little pieces. "Safety glass" sometimes refers to two layers of glass laminated over a plastic center sheet, and at other times means tempered glass.   

       (Odd note: the plastic that bottles are made of was developed to go inside safety glass, but it didn't stick . . ..)
baconbrain, Feb 25 2008

       I thought safety glass was the stuff with chicken-wire embedded in it.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 25 2008

       Yep, [Spacey Spiff], such products exist.
Jinbish, Feb 25 2008

       you mean the glass bottles in scary fight scenes in the cinema are not real?
po, Feb 25 2008

       Thanks [Bacon] thats the stuff I meant.
Spaceman Spiff, Feb 25 2008

       the auld staple beer bottle here was a "stubby", without any sort of neck; I guess somebody with too much time on their hands got bored, because they changed everything over to long-necked bottles which take up 1.5x the room and can be changed into a broken-bottle weapon
FlyingToaster, Feb 26 2008

       See alternative link for much more interesting use of aluminum in bottle form.
shapu, Feb 26 2008

       [Baconbrain] is correct. There's "laminated" glass, which is built up of layers of polymer and glass, then heat and pressure treated to fuse the two layers. Then there's "toughened" and "tempered" glass - similar processes for heat-treating which produce the "crumb" effect referred to.   

       The heat treatment makes the glass more expensive - it would put up the cost of single-use beer bottles, although it's widely used for drinking glasses in bars, as much for the safety of the staff as anything else.   

       For re-useable bottles it might make sense. But the trend in recent years has been towards lighter, cheaper single-use bottles which are then just smashed and remelted.
8th of 7, Feb 26 2008

       Just take regular beer bottles but fill them with orange juice - much safer.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008

       ... but liabale to get you burnt at the stake for heresy ....
8th of 7, Feb 26 2008

       OK, maybe a decent dry white wine. How many people have scars from a Pinot Grigio bottle?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 26 2008


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